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Aug. 19-20, 2021
Free. Virtual. Enriching.

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The  IMPORTANCE   OF  MEDIA  has become explicit over the last few years. The value and relevance of communication, journalism and content creation certainly won't diminish. So why not start grooming the NEXT   GENERATION   OF   MEDIA   PROS?

This conference is aimed at engaging, equipping and encouraging students with aspirations in especially, including and especially those at the high school level. Created by the Las Positas College Department of Journalism and Media Studies, PRESS   PASS will provide media training and exposure, opportunities for networking with professionals, and up-to-date insight on industry trends and practices. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference will be all online. Come for the live online workshops and interactive digital content, leave with tools for developing in the craft and inspiration towards a career possibility.

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